The Equators:
As part of its relentless quest for the origins of rock and roll, the band has finally put it's unique brand of R'n'B/jazz/Afrogroove on record. The album is called 'Masansani Breakdown',

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Slim Chance
Oh La La Ronnie Lane and Slim Chance

Slim Chance, 'reformed but unrepentant' is celebrating the re-release of their seventies Island Records recordings, and also the re-launch of their recent album 'The Show Goes On'. More details on www.slim-chance.co.uk
The show goes on Slim Chance

    Charlie to play Glastonbury with Jerry Hall & Jeanne Marine, aka Paris Texas and the Uke, 26th June Equators' tour of S.London starts at Bread and Roses, Clapham on June 27th. See tour dates
  • Chris Jagger:
    cncertina Jack
    Concertina Jack, the latest of Charlie's collaborations with Chris Jagger and Atcha! is now available. Partly recorded at Equator Studios (notably of Bobby Keys and Tim Ries) the album features co-writes of Charlie and Chris, as well appearances by Mick and others...
  • The People Band: Having sadly lost the amazing Mel Davis last year, the band is planning a show in his honour and more recordings, and releases of video and studio tracks.
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