As part of its relentless quest for the origins of rock and roll, the band has put it's unique brand of R'n'B/jazz/Afrogroove on record.

Charlie Hart's Equators first album 'Masansani Club' will be available on general release through Cadiz Music (CD) or
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Slim Chance

Slim Chance - On the Move

The band released their second album entitled 'On The Move'.
Reminiscent in ways of Ronnie's own second album (appropriately named 'Ronnie Lane's Slim Chance') with its many wide and varied musical styles, it's a wonderful mix of band originals, Ronnie's own numbers plus a surprise or two along the way. More details on:

The People Band

People Band - Mel

Having sadly lost the amazing Mel Davis, the band is planning a show in his honour and more recordings, and releases of video and studio tracks.

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