Act of God, Chris Jaggers Atcha! Song and dance, Samba Mapangala
Disorder on the Border A Meal you can shake hands with in the dark, Pete Brown and his battered Ornaments One for the Road, Ronnie Lane's Slimchance

Records Produced

Other Recordings

Bluecoat Man. Diz and the Doormen. Ace Records.
Rhumbalero. Diz Watson. Ace Records.
Dark Horse. Brian Knight. P.V.K. Records.
Balham Two Step. Balham Alligators. Maze Records.
Shouf! Sidi Seddiki. GlobeStyle Records.
Feet on Fire. Samba Mapangala's Virunga. Stern's Records.
Following the Honeybird. Ashley Reid. Savage Rabbit Records
Atcha. Chris Jagger. Mixed for Sequel Records
From Lhasa to Lewisham. Atcha Acoustic. Latent Talent
88 Special. Diz Watson.
Act of Faith. Chris Jagger's Atcha!. SPV. (With Jim Mortimore)
Cowboy in a Car Park. Tony Lording. (Deep River DR003)
What Jazz can do (for your life). Jazz Circus. Splash 13
Lianne John Collis (River Tone Records)
PS With Love . George Khan. Music written for the People Show
High Life in the Sun. Jimmy Beckley Trio
O'Neill & I. Jonny Atkinson

Bluecoat Man, Diz and the Doormen
Atcha, Chris Jagger

Pete Brown's Battered Ornaments A Meal you can Shake Hands with in the Dark (E.M.I.)
Willy Egan Going back home to Louisiana (Ace)
Jay McNeely From Harlem to Camden (Ace)
Wreckless Eric Wreckless Eric (Stiff); Big Smash (Stiff)
Juice on the Loose Juice on the Loose (Chiswick); Secret Life (Line Records)
Ronnie Lane's Slim Chance Slim Chance (Island); One for the Road (Island); See Me (Gem).
Ronnie Lane and Pete Townshend Rough Mix (Polydor)
Deaf School 2nd Honeymoon (Warner Bros)
Den Heggarty Voodoo, Voodoo.(Magnet)
Dana Gillespie Sweeet Meat (Ace); Blue Job (Ace); Dover Street (High Five)
Ron Kavana LILT: For the Children (Alias); Rollin & Coastin (Appaloosa).
Billy Jenkins Uncommerciality Vol. 2 (VOTP)
Vagabnd Joy Were Going Home (SBK)
Chris Jagger Atcha (Sequel)
Chris Jagger's Atcha! Channel Fever
Ricard, Watkins and Hart Disorder on the Border.
Ed Deane Slide Show
Atcha Acoustic From Lhasa to Lewisham
Guy Tortora Footnote to the Blues (Turtledove
Sonny Black New Tunes Old Songs
Chris Jagger The Ridge
People Band People Band 1969-70

 Songs/Instrumentals Composed

Lhasa to Lewisham, Chris Jaggers's Atcha!

Billy Bentley (Hart, Ian Dury). Chappell\E.M.I. Pub.
Harvest Home (Hart, Ronnie Lane). Warner Bros. Music.
Software Breakdown (Hart). Rockin Music.
Time is the Healer (Hart). Rockin Music.
Coming Home (Hart, Kavana, Byrne, Pentelow, King). Rockin Music.
Party Time (ditto). Rockin Music.
Saxophone Man (Hart, Payne). M.C.P.S.
Joanna (Hart, Ainley). Misty River Music.
Up your Sleeve (Hart, Deane, Gillespie). M.C.P.S.
Magnet for Love (Hart, Gillespie). M.C.P.S.
Skydive (Hart). Pater Noster Music.
C'est Ca (Hart). Zairedeco
Dynamite (Hart, GeraintWatkins). Zairedeco.
Louise, Louise (Hart, Watkins) Zairedeco.
C13/Equator (Trad.arr. Hart) Zairedeco.
Will ya, Won't ya. (Hart, Chris. Jagger). M.C.P.S.
Allons Joujette (Hart, Deane, Jagger). M.C.P.S.
Pretty Little Thing (Hart, Jagger). M.C.P.S
The Bar (Hart) M.C.P.S

If you really love her (Hart, Jagger)
Monique (Hart, C.Jagger) Annie Reed Music.
Rodeo (Hart, C.Jagger) Annie Reed Music.
Crazy (Hart, C. Jagger) Annie Reed Music.
Channel Fever (Hart, C.Jagger) Annie Reed Music.
Got me (where you want me (C.Jagger, Hart) Annie Reed Music.
On the Road (Jagger, Hart) Annie Reed Music.
Love is Strange (Jagger. Hart) Annie Reed Music.
Everybody Party (Hart, Jagger) Annie Reed Music.
Don't Fix It (Hart) Friedrich Weber Musikverlag (FWM)
Takes Two (Hart) FWM
Overtones (Hart) FWM
Barumbabarumba (Hart) FWM
Stitch One (Hart) FWM
OK Roland (Hart, Ian Dury) FWM
Big Top (FWM)
Don't Go (FWM)
Aftermath (FWM)
Spirit World (Annie Reed Music)