Chris Jagger and Charlie Hart

Charlie has known and played with Chris Jagger since way back in the '60s, when Chris set up a session, produced by Andrew Loog Oldham, for the band Charlie was playing in at that time, 117. But it wasn't until the 1994 release of the album, Atcha, (Sequel Records) that their joint writing, recording and performing turned into a longstanding and fruitful musical partnership.

Act of faithUsually working in the context of the band 'Atcha!' the music ranges from zydeco- and cajun-inspired originals, to country songs, blues, Tex-mex and more, but always characterized by an authenticity and improvisatory quality that has kept the music fresh. The band recorded more albums, 'Channel Fever' and more recently 'Act of Faith' which was produced by Charlie and Jim Mortimore and picked up by the German company SPV. Like the previous albums it contains several Jagger/Hart compositions and features David Gilmour, Sam Brown, and Mick Jagger.

The band has toured extensively - in the States, where they appeared on Conan O'Brian show, and in Canada, and throughout Europe and U.K, offering a compulsive and original British cocktail of Zydeco, Country and R'n'B influences.

In 2009 Atcha! settled on a four-man line-up featuring the fabulous Malcolm Mortimore on drums and his son Jim Mortimore on double bass and guitar. Chris and Charlie often appear also as a two-man show in which Charlie moves between piano, fiddle and accordion.

Recently Chris has released the acoustically-leaning solo album, 'The Ridge', (accompanied by Danny Thompson, John Etheridge and Andy Shepherd) and he has been promoting it both with Atcha! and with the Chris Jagger/Charlie Hart ticket.

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On the Road (Jagger, Hart)