As part of its relentless quest for the origins of rock and roll, the band has put it's unique brand of R'n'B/jazz/Afrogroove on record.

Charlie Hart's Equators first album 'Masansani Club' can be downloaded on iTunes
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Block Chain Fiasco

Blockchain Fiasco released March 2021! The track was recorded by the Equators in lockdown, and Tyler Worthington (who is also the poet beatboxer Wiz-RD) created the visuals. Charlie wrote this and played xylophone/balafon. This is intended as the first in a series of audio/visual adventures.....

GK4 Improvisations 1-7


GK4, recent off-shoot of the People Band, release their first album on October 6th. The band will play Café Oto 6th October to mark the occasion.

Roger Daltrey on stage


For several years Charlie has been taking part in an acoustic lineup formed by Roger Daltrey, most recently at the Festival of Speed at Gooodwood last year. This band is now to be joined by Pete Townshend for a special concert at the Royal Albert Hall in support of the Teenage Cancer Trust. The band will also feature Slim Chancers Geraint Watkins and Billy Nicholls. www.thewho.com


Chris' latest album, Mixing up the Medicine was recorded back in 2019 but but only relased worldwide by BMG in 2021. The album is the latest collaboration between Chris and Charlie, a few years after the two circumnavigated the world, playing gigs in Germany, Australia, Argentina and Brazil. 9 of the 10 songs are Jagger/Hart co-writes and the production was by the two of them in conjunction with John Porter. Watch out for live shows! Further details on Chris' website www.chrisjaggeronline.com

Slim Chance at Wickham Festival


Slim Chance are very much in action playing live shows around the country this year and making some of these available for streaming. Details on

2022 Live Dates

2023 Live Dates

  • Jan 13 | Ron Chisolm memorial gig, Pelton Arms Greenwich

  • Feb 17 | Slim Chance

    Esher Theatre, tickets tba
  • Feb 18 | Slim Chance

    What's cookin', Leytonstone

Chris Jagger & Charlie Hart Australian Tour

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Following the release of the ‘Mixing up the Medicines’, which was mostly co-written by Chris and Charlie, the two are off to Australia in November.

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