Charlie began writing music to picture in the 1980s. Hooked up to cranky old VHS machines synched up to primitive recording devices, he produced the music for various documentaries on subjects ranging from hydroponics in Scotland to the Doomsday Book.

Feet of Song Erica Russell
Feet of Song

Triangle, Erica russell

Soma Erica Russell

Things looked up when he met the animator Erica Russell, whose work was to make a huge contribution to the genre of animated film. Together Erica and Charlie worked on Feet of Song, Triangle - which was nominated for an Oscar in 1995 - and finally Soma. These films, essentially based on the interaction of abstracted dance and music, inspired many and are still studied and enjoyed today.


Charlie went on to write music for various documentaries, animated shorts and dramas.

Stormy Monday. Feature film. Directed by Mike Figgis, produced by Nigel Stafford-Clark for the Moving Picture Company. Charlie Hart acted and performed in this movie.
Out of Africa. Political discussion programme. Presented by Zeinab Badawi, produced by Moise Shewa and Nick Powell. Afro-Wisdom Films for Channel 4. Music composed with Amadou Saho
Genocide in Rwanda. Oxfam film. Produced by Sue Anello. Music composed with Alfred Bannerman.
Somalia - the Price of Peace. Documentary. Directed and produced by Moise Shewa. Afro-Wisdom Films for Channel 4 TV. Music written with oud player Salah Qasim Naji. Won an International Affairs prize at 1995 New York Film Festival.
Jackals. Drama. Directed by Andrew Bethell, produced by Thecla Schreuders. Double Exposure Films for Channel 4.
Love Doctors. Documentary on Haitan and Nigerian spirit healers. Directed by Derek Jones, produced by Moise Shewa. Afro-Wisdom Films for Channel 4 TV.
African Political Broadcasts. Series of talks by African political leaders. Directed by John Akomfrah. Afro-Wisdom Films/H.O.P. for Channel 4 TV 1995 African Season.
Glasgow Kiss. Short animated film, directed by Sam Moore, produced by Lisa Beattie for Channel 4.
Blubber Boy. Short animated film, directed by Jayne Bevitt, produced by Lisa Beattie for Channel 4.